Doctor FAQs

1. What is the active anti stress constituent of RELAXIUM™?
The active constituent is αS1-Casozepine that is produced after tryptic hydrolysis of casein (milk protein).
2. What is the dose and duration of RELAXIUM™?
We recommended RELAXIUM™ (150mg/d) should be taken at least for one month. Dose can be increased depending on the level of stress and the individual.
3. When should RELAXIUM™ be taken?
During the different clinical studies, RELAXIUM™ was taken either in the morning or in the evening. In both cases, the efficacy of RELAXIUM™ was observed. However, we suggest intake of RELAXIUM™ 150mg/day in evening or before bedtime for better feeling of well being.
4. How many hours/days after consuming RELAXIUM™ my patient can feel the effects?
Human clinical studies have shown visible improvement in stress related symptoms after a consumption of 150mg/d for 15 days. Nevertheless, a real sensation of well being appears after one month.
5. Does the feeling of stress decrease if the dose or the duration of RELAXIUM™ increases?
We do not have any precise clinical data about this in humans but better response has been noticed in consumers.
6. How long does the effect of RELAXIUM™ last for?
In humans, as we recommend RELAXIUM™ to improve the ability to cope with stress, we have noticed that the feeling of well being could last after stopping the treatment also. However, we don’t have such data.
7. Does drinking milk have a similar effect as taking RELAXIUM™?
No. The active ingredient i.e. αS1-Casozepine is not present by itself in milk and with but produced after tryptic hydrolysis of αS1-caseine (milk protein). It could be released in neonates but not in adults because the enzymatic system in adults is indeed much more complex and cannot allow the quantitative delivery of this specific sequence from the protein.
8. Do other milk products also have the same effect?
No. RELAXIUM ™ contains a unique bioactive Decapeptide (αS1-Casozepine) that is very specific with defined parameters like substrate, enzymatic process conditions, etc. For these reasons, other milk casein products could not develop the same effects as RELAXIUM™. Moreover, the effect of RELAXIUM™ is patented and clinically proven.
9. What will happen if my patient discontinues RELAXIUM™ therapy?
Like any other therapy for chronic disorder, discontinuation of RELAXIUM™ therapy may lead to feeling of stress and related symptoms depending upon level of stress.
10. How can I measure the efficacy of RELAXIUM™?
The efficacy of RELAXIUM ™ may be assessed using standardized questionnaires or by measuring biological marker of stress (plasma / salivary cortisol levels).
11. What type of patients should consume RELAXIUM™?
RELAXIUM™ is used to regulate stress symptoms, to help people coping with stress and overcome various stressful events. RELAXIUM™ is intended for those patients who are already under stressful situation (like patient recently diagnosed with chronic diseases or patients with chronic diseases) or for people with situations where the likely hood of stress is very high (Like patients with infertility). RELAXIUM™ is not intended for pathologically diagnosed illnesses like anxiety, depression etc.
12. Does RELAXIUM™ proved clinically for the management of stress related symptoms?
Yes. Anti stress property of RELAXIUM™ is endorsed by various double blind randomized clinical trials.
13. Have the long term effects of RELAXIUM ™ been studied in humans?
The effect of RELAXIUM™ is studied for a 30-day after an oral intake. Nevertheless, people who had been taking it for a longer time did not report any side effects.
14. Where RELAXIUM™ gets metabolized?
RELAXIUM™ follows pharmacokinetic like any other protein derivative.
15. Is RELAXIUM™ alone sufficient to keep stress away or additional therapy is required?
RELAXIUM ™ monotherapy has been clinically proven to reduce the manifestations of stress. However, any additional drug or life style modification may augment its effect for which we don’t have any data to support.
16. Can RELAXIUM™ replace Benzodiazepine therapy?
No. Lactium ® in RELAXIUM ™ is indicated for the management of stress-related symptoms, whereas benzodiazepines are meant for treating anxiety. However, RELAXIUM ™ can be administered with benzodiazepines in anxiety associated with stress
17. Has RELAXIUM ™ been compared with other products like benzodiazepines or plant / minerals?
No. RELAXIUM™ has not been compared with other products clinically.
18. Can RELAXIUM™ be used in my diabetic/hypertensive patients?
Yes. If the patient suffers from stress along with diabetes / hypertension.
19. Does RELAXIUM™ cause any DRUG-DRUG or DRUG-FOOD interaction?
20. Does RELAXIUM™ induce sleep?
No. RELAXIUM™ is not sedative and hence, it does not induce sleep. Rather it improves the quality of sleep.
21. Why RELAXIUM™ does not produce sedation when it acts on GABA receptor like other benzodiazepines?
RELAXIUM™ selectively binds to ω2 binding site (that modulates anxiety) of GABAA receptor explaining its only anti-anxiety role where as benzodiazepine binds to ω1 (that modulate sedation) and ω2 binding sites explaining its sedative and anti-anxiety action.
22. Does RELAXIUM™ induce any side effects?
No physiological or psychological side effects have been noticed during clinical trials.
23. If my patients take more than the recommended dosage, will they suffer from any side effect?
In humans, no side effects were evidenced after a single intake even 10 times higher than the recommended dose.
24.Does RELAXIUM™ have any antihypertensive effect?
RELAXIUM™ modulates blood pressure increase during a stressful situation but not the ambulatory blood pressure (hypertension). Thus, RELAXIUM™ does not have an antihypertensive or hypotensive effect.
25. Can RELAXIUM™ be used during pregnancy?
Intake of RELAXIUM™ by female pregnant rats at a dosage of 150mg/kg body weight/day (10 times the active dosage) does not found to alter pregnancy duration, maternal behavior, or cognitive development in the neonates. No data available in humans.
26.Can RELAXIUM™ be used in children?
Being a milk peptide there is no harm if RELAXIUM™ is consumed by children. However, we do not have any data to support our claim.
27. What if stress persists after taking RELAXIUM™?
Stress is highly individualized. It depends upon individual’s coping abilities that decide the improvement after taking RELAXIUM™. However, it has been proven through clinical studies that RELAXIUM™ improves coping abilities after one month period. It may take little longer time in some individuals.
28. What is the source of RELAXIUM™?
RELAXIUM™ is obtained from Bovine milk.


I have felt quite less nervous, less tense since I've taken Lactium® and I feel much more energetic.

With Lactium®, I was less anguished, feeling good about myself, I was falling asleep more easily

Lactium® gives a feeling of well-being, especially the first days; I have been feeling more quiet and more relaxed

My nights are longer and their quality is higher

I felt a drop in my usual state of stress

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